Michelle Christensen

Michelle Christensen

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Back Squat - 185

Improved my power clean - 125

Improved my Grace time with increased weight (Almost RX Weight)

Deadlift - 225


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Coach

Though I didn't have the opportunity to play sports growing up that didn't stop me from getting into distance running when I was in my 30's. Learning to push through fatigue has helped me in every aspect of my life. My favorite mantra is "be brave enough to suck at something new." I love learning, trying new things, meeting new people.

Turning Point

I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. Fear of failure used to hold me back. After losing my husband in 2012, I decided I didn't want to let fear and anxiety overtake my life anymore. It wasn't easy, but I began forcing myself to try new things. With the help of an incredible support system of friends and family, and the discovery of CrossFit I can honestly say my anxiety, fear, and self doubt are all in check. I've changed the meaning of failure for me into opportunities to keep trying!

Motivation & Passion

I am motivated by helping people do things they never thought they could. I love seeing the positive changes people go through when they lift heavier than they thought they could or they master a movement they have been working on. I want to be there to help people on their fitness journey!

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