Katie Ross

Katie Ross

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Back Squat: 220#

Clean & Jerk: 150#

Deadlift: 265#

Fran: 7:21 RX

Grace: 3:38 RX


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

As a kid, I played many sports. I think my parents kept me busy to keep me from getting into too much trouble. I played soccer, softball, tennis, golf, and I swam. I was a competitive swimmer from the time I could walk until high school. As I got into high school I started focusing on individual sports like swimming, golf and tennis.

Turning Point

Once I hit college, I stopped playing all sports. I went to college on a full ride music scholarship so I spent my evenings & weekend in a practice room instead of on a practice field. And once I stopped playing sports, I started gaining weight. I slowly gained weight throughout college. I hated coming home on holidays and summers because that was always a topic of discussion. I became very self conscious and I had a horrible self body image. I was at my heaviest during my junior year of college. That summer I auditioned for this music program called "Drum Corps." It was a summer marching band camp. It was pretty intense. I packed a suit case and was away from my family all summer. I slept on gym floors, showered in locker rooms, and rehearsed from sun up to sun down. I lost a lot of weight that summer and my confidence began to rise. I came home and went back to college for my senior year and I immediately packed the weight back on. I think this moment was my turning point. I started going to zumba classes at the schools gym because I liked the high intensity and group aspect. When I finally graduated from college, I moved back home and my sister asked me to try my first crossfit class. I laughed in her face and told her that I could spend a quarter of the money and work out at my local "Globo Gym." Fast forward a few months and I never went to the gym because I had ZERO motivation to workout by myself. I called up my sister and we went together to my first crossfit class. Everyone was welcoming, nice, caring, and motivating. I was immediately hooked. Since starting CrossFit, I've lost and gained weight (it's been a bit of a rollercoaster), but what I can tell you is that I've gained a huge respect for myself, my self worth, my self knowing, and motivation.

Motivation & Passion

I did CrossFit for almost 10 years before someone asked me if I ever thought about coaching. Before that moment, I never thought of myself as a coach because I wasn't a master of the craft. I ended up getting my CF-L1 shortly after that conversation and I've loved every second of coaching. I love coaching people who are newer to CrossFit. CrossFit changed my life in ways that I never could have thought and I want to share that with others. I aim to motivate and uplift newer CrossFit athletes, while driving and improving our veteran athletes.

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